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From AF CEO Jon Duffy

AF Strategy update

Next March we leave the EU. Last September we launched the AF five year strategy. A strategy that has very clear goals which are aimed at one thing – putting members at the very heart of the business.

When we launched our strategy I did a series of roadshows where I talked about building a no blame culture and a can-do attitude which would enable the business to concentrate on three key themes: our staff, our suppliers, and our members. These three areas are then broken down into five activities or goals.

Time has flown and we are now well into the second year of the five year strategy. As such, it is apt that I talk to as many members as possible to highlight how we are doing. As part of this I am doing a series of roadshows in the next few weeks where I hope to see as many of you as possible.

I am incredibly proud of how we are doing. Have we made some mistakes? The answer has to be yes; but these are massively outweighed by the successes. We still need to listen to you, the membership; we still need to strive for improvement but must never think that we have ‘arrived’.

At the roadshows I will share how we are doing but I will also listen to the feedback. I don’t want to spoil the roadshow messages but I can share now that the business is in rude health. As we enter the final round of Brexit negotiations, having AF as agile and professional as possible is absolutely vital. Prior to and after Brexit, AF will keep adding value back to your businesses. I don’t know how the final negotiations will pan out but whatever the result, AF is ready.

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